my friend wanted me to post this.. so here ya go guys[:

If you like my blog fallow her shes amazing[: 


she took my marshmellow):

oh shaggy.




christmas </3

A 14 years old boy got beaten half dead by his stepfather. His only fault was this that he tried to protect his little sister from being raped. Now he’s struggling for his life, but doctors say he won’t make it without a surgery. His mother doesn’t have money to pay it. tumblr donates 45 cents for every sharing or reposting.

Please Verify, Don’t Ignore thinking It thinking its FAKE
(Mother’s Number Not Disclosed For Security Reasons)
Doctor’s Contact Number: +91 20 6721 3400
Hospital Name: Sahyadri Hospital

Please reblog this more than once if possible, its Christmas

oh toy story


favorite movie ever.

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